What Are The Most Effective Tabata Workouts?

The Best Tabata Workouts


The miraculous fitness solution, Tabata training, has taken the fitness world by storm. When everyone else is doing their own Tabata training, you can definitely try it on your own too. Nowadays, being physically fit is more of a need rather than a want. When you are always on the go, you need to have a physically fit body that can endure any physical challenges that might come your way.

For those who are suffering from weight management problems, Tabata training is the best weight solution for them. Instead of spending a lot of money on weight loss products and treatments that are useless and ineffective, you might as well have Tabata training and get effective results.


What is Tabata Training?


Before you start your own Tabata training, you need to have some background first. A lot of people are easily enticed to try this workout routine since they think that the four minute workout is a very easy one. After all, most people would spend hours in gyms and even in sports activities just to have their workout. But with Tabata training, all you need is a solid four minute workout program.

Tabata training is named after Dr. Izumi Tabata. Together with his team, they conducted different studies and concluded that time intervals and the intensity level directly affects the quality of any workout routine. With their studies, they were able to conclude that even with just a rigorous four minute workout; a person can achieve optimal results compare to long hours of exercise programs.

The IE1 Protocol, as they call it, makes use of the 20:10 ratio where the person has to allot 20 seconds for a rigorous workout routine and 10 seconds for rest period.

The success of Dr. Tabata’s studies has paved the way for the development of Tabata training. This program was used by Japanese athletes in the 1970s. Up until now, several athletes, celebrities, fitness experts and ordinary individuals have their own Tabata training program.


The Benefits


In doing your own Tabata training daily, you can definitely get many benefits. This is basically one of the reasons why there are so many people who are drawn to a Tabata workout routine. Not only is it cost-effective since you do not have to go the gym or buy fitness equipments, you get to have a comprehensive workout program that can yield you the best results.

Those who are doing Tabata workout routines can easily reduce their calories and burn away fats. No wonder this is the ultimate weight loss option especially if you really want to reduce weight. Apart from aiding you in reducing your weight, Tabata training also helps you develop muscle growth in your body.

In terms of your over-all health, it increases your endurance, metabolic pathways, anaerobic and aerobic capacity. Without a doubt, this is one of the best workout routines out there.


Best Tabata Workouts


With so many variations of Tabata workouts, you can easily choose which exercise routine you want to have. To make your workout more enjoyable, you can try different Tabata workout routines. It will just depend on your lifestyle and other preferences. Here are some examples to answer your question on what are the most effective tabata workouts.


Tabata Sprints


One of the most popular Tabata workouts is the Tabata sprint. All you need to do is to find a clear space where you can freely do this activity. Unlike other workout programs where you have to spend some money, there is no need to shed out cash. With Tabata sprints, you just have to use a pair of running shoes and start your own Tabata training.

Just make sure that you have with you a reliable interval timer so that you are aware of the time. For 20 seconds, sprint as fast and as hard as you can. Then, you can rest within the next 10 seconds. For four minutes, you can do this routine all over again.

To make your Tabata workout routine different, you can try different locations. For instance, you might want to try it on the beach or you might want to have an uphill Tabata sprint workout. There are also trails that have scenic views that would motivate you.


Indoor Tabata Workouts


With Tabata training, you do not have to go outside. Even if you are inside your room, you can still do your daily Tabata training. You can do push-ups, lunges, squats and a whole lot more. Just always keep in mind the 20:10 protocol in order for you to get the best out of your Tabata training.


Tabata Swimming


If you are the type who really loves to swim then you can have a Tabata swimming routine. Before you swim, prepare and condition your body first. After that, you can have any person to monitor the time so that you know if you have exceeded the 20 seconds high intensity workout period and the 10 seconds recovery period.

Once you are ready, you can swim with the highest intensity for 20 seconds. This routine is to be followed by a 10 second recovery time. Do this all over again and for sure you will feel the effects of your workout.

Tabata training can be really difficult but you can be sure that in the long run, you can get different benefits.

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