Tabata Sprint Training

More and more sprint trainers and athletes are coming to realize the tremendous advantages and unique effects of interval sprint training on their mental and physical health. Since the  tabata training method was developed, men and women who love to workout began implementing it into their daily routine.


This modern training has had positive results worldwide and is gaining rapidly in popularity. A Tabata workout usually consists of alternating short but intense periods of exercise with short periods of rest. Because this method is compatible with a wide variety of exercises, such as lifting weights, squats, rowing or even sprinting, every athlete and almost any regular person can make the most out of tabata sprint training.

Here is an excellent uphill tabata style sprint interval training video produced by RawFitnessLife ,  the video is finished off with lower body circuit training.

Top Benefits of  tabata sprint training


Phosphate creatine is our body’s primary fuel source which is triggered whenever we initiate muscular activity. What’s a key factor regarding sprint interval training is that it builds up the level of phosphate creatine that can be stored in our body. Some other groundbreaking benefits of high-intensity interval sprinting are as follows:


  • Increases the concentration of myokinase in your body. Myokinase is a crystallizable enzyme responsible for promoting the reversible transfer of phosphate groups and glycolysis into our bodies. During intense training sessions, the level of myokinase is increased by over 20%, leading to a more efficient training exercise and a lower consumption of energy. You will notice that your endurance levels are enhanced over time, and consequently your body will start to use glycolysis more efficiently. The scientists have discovered that glycolysis is responsible for over 70% of the total levels of energy produced inside our bodies. In a nutshell, high-interval intensity training improves sprint training over time.


  • Burns More Fat. It’s one of the most impressive benefits of tabata sprint training. You are able to burn calories at a much faster rate compared to less intense aerobic exercises. It was proven that when you sprint using this method, your body uses the short term energy reserves: the glycolytic system and the the ATP-PCr system. The glycolytic system goes into action when training using high-intensity sprints, and as more muscle glycogen is used more fat will be burned.


  • Saves Time. Another amazing benefit of high-intensity interval sprinting is that you will have more time for other important tasks. A tabata interval training won’t last more than 20-30 minutes every other day, while a regular cardio exercise can last up to one hour and doesn’t have the same benefits for your body. Due to its short duration, your willingness to work out regularly is increased.


  • Aerobic and Anaerobic Capacities are Increased. The anaerobic capacity, which represents the maximum amount of energy that can be produced by our body in the absence of oxygen, and the aerobic capacity (the maximum oxygen uptake capacity) are both increased. According to recent studies, participants who underwent a tabata sprint training had their aerobic capacity increased by over 14% and another 28% increase in their body’s anaerobic capacity. The outcome is more energy and stamina and a higher degree of resistance to continuous strain and effort.


  • Muscle Tissue Retention. Many times we try several diets that instead of helping us to lose more weight, cause a serious loss of muscle tissue. In order to prevent or remedy this situation, try tabata spring training. With this groundbreaking fat loss training method, the ratio of your lean muscle mass to fat is increased, while the muscle tissue retention process is enhanced.



Interval sprint training is definitely one of the best methods to stay on top of your fitness levels and take control over your health. The good news is that you can do intervals both outside and inside, with or without specific exercise equipment, whether running sprints on a treadmill or uphill, sprinting on a trail or implementing beach sprints. All that matters is to ensure that you respect the training intervals and have a proper diet. With all these advantages of interval sprint training,  try this modern way to boost your health and transform your body into a fat burning furnace.

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